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California Assembly Bill 341 mandates that Carlsbad Unified School District reaches a 75% diversion of waste landfills by 2020. In order to achieve this goal, Friends of Pacific Rim PTO is heading up a new programs at Pacific Rim to divert waste from landfills to recycling centers or compost this year.

The Solana Center came to Pacific Rim to educate the students about the programs being implemented including:

Tap and Stack: Previously, Pacific Rim sent 45,000 styrofoam trays to landfills each year. This year, students will be asked to tap their trays and rid them of waste, then stack them in order for the trays to be cycled up and made into new products.

Twinning: There will be one small trash can and one small recycling bin near the door of each classroom this year. This "twinning" makes it easier for students to recycle their paper instead of dump it in the trash.

Special Projects: We are also planning to incorporate other recycling projects this year including battery, ink/toner cartridge, and gift card recycling. 

Food Waste: We are talking to students about what they eat, AND what they DON'T eat, at lunch. Entire sandwiches, whole fruits, unopened granola bars, unopened cheese sticks... even foods that can be saved for later like crackers and pretzels... are being thrown out!! Mr. John estimates about 100 lbs of uneaten food gets thrown away each day - that's s 18,000 lbs a year! You can help by encouraging your student(s) to not take what they won't eat from the lunch line, and bring any unopened, uneaten food home.

Do you have a passion for Going Green? Contact PTO to get involved with the Green Team

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